Weaving Adventures – Project 1 – Putting on the Break-In Warp

The first warp for my new loom was a rug warp.

The warping frame I bought with the loom is a 9-yard frame. I measured out the full length on the frame.

The first warp was a heavy cotton that I got from my grandmother who had been using it to make rag rugs. It was also recommended by Schacht for helping to clean the manufacturing oils off of the reed.



I measured enough warp ends to fill the reed. The reed that came with the loom is a 12-dent reed. That means there are 12 slots per inch. It’s a 37″ reed which means it has 444 slots.














I filled most of the reed with one warp end per opening in the reed. I read instructions and watched videos for warping front-to-back and back-to-front and decided that front-to-back looked like it would be easiest for me.


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