Weaving Adventures – Project 3 – Garb: Burgundian Patterning

At some point during the weaving process, I started searching the Internet for illuminations showing medieval clothing with vertical stripes.

When I found this, I started leaning toward trying to make this particular garment (http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b10515437z/f171.item). I mean, why not. It’s green with some pinstripes. The illumination looks like the stripes are a darker color like a brown or a burgundy and a light color like white or yellow.

Close enough for me.  🙂










To do a pattern for a Burgundian gown, I started with my 4-piece cotehardie.

This picture is the front piece of my 4-piece cotehardie pattern.





I turned back the neckline to plan for the deep V, bringing it down to the bottom of the bustline.



I transferred the current pattern to paper. Then, instead of following the curves toward my waistline, I went straight down from the armpit to the hip and angled out to the width of the fabric. Click on the image to see it better.


I then mocked it up in fabric and stitched it together so I could test to see if I could pull it over my head.


Next step will be to lay it out on the handwoven fabric, taking into account that I will add a band around the bottom to match the collar and cuffs, gores, and maybe enough for a little bit of a train.











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